quinta-feira, 24 de março de 2011

Primeiro Videochat do Incubus HQ com Kilmore

Hoje às 19h (do Brasil) vai acontecer o primeiro videochat do Incubus HQ.  As perguntas para o Kilmore poderão ser feitas de 3 formas:

1 - Através do forum do Incubus HQ
2 - Pelo chat, na hora
3 - Pelo skype (adicionar 'Steve Rennie') onde o Steve irá randomicamente escolher alguém para fazer perguntas
O chat será gravado.

"Ok folks. Today is the day we have our first live worldwide VidChat at the Incubus World Headquarters at 3PM PST. Our guest today is none other than Chris Kilmore, better known as DJ Kil. If you want to ask Kil a question you have a couple of options. You can post a question in the Forum section of the site over to the right of the chat area, or, you can just post it online during the chat. Also, we are going to randomly select a friend to speak with Kil on the air live on Skype. If you have a Skype account just send me a request to be added as a contact and you might just get a call and get to ask Chris your question directly over the internet. A chance to 'share the stage' for a moment. Should be fun and we hope to see you there.- Renman"

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